Paco: Prescribed automation for cloud orchestration


100% automation of the creation and management of your cloud resources.

Define your cloud with declarative YAML.

Consistent semantic structure for all your cloud projects.

Automate your AWS cloud with an Infrastructure as Code project - without writing any code. Paco includes all the code you need built-in to the tool, so you only need to create declarative configuration to describe your cloud from at a high level.


Turnkey AWS solutions, repeatable environments and DRY configuration

Complete turnkey solutions out-of-the box.

Easily clone complete environments.

Don’t Repeat Yourself and override only the differences between environments.

Start with complete turnkey AWS solutions and customize to your needs. Begin with complete networks with reference applications that include monitoring, alerting, centralized logging already configured.

Reproduce your development, staging and production environments exactly. DRY configuration allows you to override just the differences between environments - easily see just what is different in each environment.

Prescribed automation instead of repetitive coding

Monitoring, alerting and centralized logging all built-in.

Automatic secure mutli-account IAM user, policy and role management.

EC2 Launch Manager configures EC2 instances easily and quickly.

Paco is an opinionated cloud orchestration tool that believes that routine, boilerplate automation should be abstracted away by tooling. If you configure an S3 Bucket to notify a Lambda function, why should you have to create a Lambda Permission by hand? Mounting an EFS filesystem as easy as creating a Paco Reference for your AutoScalingGroup resource to an EFS resource. List in-host metrics and logs and your EC2 instances will have a CloudWatch agent automatically configured to collect them.


Declarative semantic configuration for your cloud

Declarative configuration needed only.

Semantic high-level concepts such as applications, environments, networks and accounts.

Paco References allow you to describe your resources coupling without hard-coding.

Resources tagged 100% consistently based on your semantic configuration.

Declarative configuration gives you predictability and repeatability in the automation of your cloud resources. See configuration changes as a whole before you apply them to your cloud resources.

Install Paco and get started today

Paco is free and open source with the source code on GitHub.

Get started by installing Paco and connecting it to your AWS account.

Paco community

Join us on reddit at r/paco_cloud.

Ask us questions and chat with us on paco-cloud on gitter.

Waterbear Cloud


PACO is developed by Waterbear Cloud. Contact us about our support and consulting professional services.

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