Paco Workflows

Workflows describe the processes around how Paco is used to change cloud resources.

Enforce Git Branches for Environments

If you want to make changes to Paco configuration that is not yet ready to be applied to other environments then it is recommended to use a Git branch for each environment.

For example, if you have a test environment and a prod environment, you can override changes between the test and prod environments directly in the NetworkEnvironment file and provision both environments from the same Git branch. But what happens if you are making bigger changes between environments? What if you want to be less rigorous about changes to your test environment, but don’t want a mistake to inadvertently be carried into your prod environment?

You can create a Git branch for each environment, then apply changes to one environment and test them before merging from one environment branch to the next and applying them there. The Paco default for naming your branches is:


For example, with dev, test and prod environments you would create these Git branches:


Then you would only run paco provision netenv.mynet.test from within the ENV-test branch, after tests pass you would merge those changes into the ENV-prod branch and then from that branch run paco provision

For provisioning global resources you can additionally designate those changes can happen from a designated branch. The suggested default for global resources is prod.

The Paco project’s project.yaml configuration lets you enforce this Git branch workflow, and will prevent you from accidentally applying changes in an ENV-test branch to a prod environment.

The configuration to enable this beviour is in a Paco project’s project.yaml file and is:

  enforce_branch_environments: true

You can supply additional configuration if you don’t want to use Paco’s default conventions:

  enforce_branch_environments: true
  environment_branch_prefix: "AWS_ENV_"
    - production:master
  global_environment_name: production

That additional configuration options allows you to configure different Git branch prefix names, map to branch names that don’t have a prefix or follow a convention, and change the environment that can provision global resources.