AWS account information is kept in the accounts/ directory. Each file in this directory defines one AWS account, the filename is the name of the account, with a .yml or .yaml extension.

Typical accounts directory


Cloud accounts.

The specially named master.yaml file is for the AWS Master account. It is the only account which can have the field organization_account_ids which is used to define and create the child accounts.

Example accounts/master.yaml account file
name: Master
title: Master AWS Account
is_master: true
account_type: AWS
account_id: '123456789012'
region: us-west-2
  - prod
  - tools
  - dev
root_email: [email protected]
Example accounts/dev.yaml account file
name: Development
title: Development AWS Account
account_type: AWS
account_id: '123456789012'
region: us-west-2
root_email: [email protected]
Field name Type Purpose Constraints Default
account_id String Account ID Can only contain digits.  
account_type String Account Type Supported types: ‘AWS’ AWS
admin_delegate_role_name String Administrator delegate IAM Role name for the account    
admin_iam_users Container<AdminIAMUser> Admin IAM Users    
is_master Boolean Boolean indicating if this a Master account   False
organization_account_ids List<String> A list of account ids to add to the Master account’s AWS Organization Each string in the list must contain only digits.  
region String Region to install AWS Account specific resources Must be a valid AWS Region name no-region-set
root_email String The email address for the root user of this account Must be a valid email address.  

Base Schemas Deployable, Named, Title


An AWS Account Administerator IAM User

Field name Type Purpose Constraints Default
username String IAM Username    

Base Schemas Deployable